Feedback from ‘HP’ at Accenture January 2018

How has having a Coach benefitted your work/life?  

I feel that during my coaching journey I have learnt so much about myself and how I can tweak my approach within work and personal environments in order to gain substantial benefits. Gaining a new perspective and having the support over the last 6 months has been priceless and I would like to thank Jo for all of her time as she has really enabled me to take the next professional step I needed.

What particular strengths did I bring to the coaching sessions?  

Jo brought the right balance of support and challenge to the sessions, this meant that I stretched myself in each session but found the answers myself. Jo’s empathy is also excellent and I felt incredibly comfortable to be very open around my personal and business challenges helped me progress quicker on my journey

What would you have changed to make our coaching engagement even more effective for you?   

I genuinely feel that we had a great balance – I did find the 360 feedback very useful/insightful, potentially this would be the only thing that I would have brought forward.

Is there any other feedback that you would like to give?   

Just a big thank you, having reflected on my progress over the last 6 months I have realised how much I have grown. I am finding that I am implementing much of what we discussed on a daily basis and I am now gaining the balance (on the whole) and now genuinely believe that perfection is not a goal I should be pursuing and rolling with the ups and downs is part of the fun!  A number of people have highlighted how I have changed my approach and the positive impacts are not only having a noticeable impact to myself but also my team. Having recently been accepted onto my company Global Leadership Development Programme I now feel that I am equipped to be successful and more importantly I deserve a seat at the table – this is a big step change to where I was 6 months ago! Thanks Jo – you have made the journey one to remember and given me a new perspective!