The Team

The team at Pro-Psych Coaching is made up of Counselling Psychologists (Jo and Samantha) and a Sports Psychologist (Andy).  With our extensive training we embrace the role of ‘Coaching Psychologist’.

About Us

Jo:  I’ve trained with the International Coaching Federation and am really excited to be working with people from many walks of life from a positive psychology perspective (the 3 ps!).  As a Chartered Psychologist in Counselling Psychology, I am deeply grounded in person-centred psychology and positive psychology which lie at the heart of Coaching.

I’m interested in helping people who feel stuck, either at home or in their jobs, due to limiting self-beliefs (that noisy internal voice telling you that you can’t do something!). I’m also interested in people who struggle to fit in with others, who find it difficult to ‘read’ other people and may have difficulties in understanding their own emotions and behaviours (I’m accredited with EBW in Emotional Intelligence).  I’m keen to work with people who want a more meaningful life and are prepared to make changes to achieve their desires.

I work part-time in a private therapy clinic in Cheltenham , and I work from home doing Coaching on the telephone the rest of the time.  It’s a great mix and Coaching by telephone allows me to work with people all over the world.  I also write a personal growth blog which helps people while they are doing Coaching to do background reading on helpful topics.

To contact me for coaching please email

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Samantha: I can be contacted by email

Andy:  I can be contacted by email